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This program was developed to help in the semiquantitave evaluation of immunohistochemical staining. We attempted to create some easy to use and interactive tool to classify and count the nuclear staining (steroid receptors, Ki67, p53 etc.) in tumours. A function "Histoscore" is implemented. The goal was to automate the classification and counting of stained nuclei, while their selection remained interactive.
ColGraphAn is based on the evaluation of colour within each "target" (i.e. circle of adjustable size). The localisation of targets is user defined (i.e. they can be put over the objects of interest e.g. tumour nuclei). These targets are then sorted (different sorting algorithms available) and classified according to the user defined "etalon" into 2-6 user-defined categories. The construction of etalons ensures they can be updated for previously non-recognised colour, but they still can remain backward compatible.
The program loads previously captured and saved (CCD camera) colour images. The counting results can be easily saved either as an image with classified targets and/or as a tabular output which can be transferred into any spreadsheet e.g. MS Excel.
The results sort all methods you can see in HTML code. The results calculation can be exported as Bitmap, JPEG or GIF images in order to process them in another application.